Image courtesy of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014

Culloden Robertson

Glasgow-based fine art painter.

My process-based works centre on the ornamented human figure, exploring themes of friovolty, ornamentation and escapism.

Drawing inspiration from opulent pre-19th century society portraits as well as contemporary lavish fashion subcultures, my work is both an exploration of the human habit of adornment and an open discourse on the value of an images’ content over what it actually has to say.
In this modern world of one million images a second, can we still appreciate a painting today if it is primarily a thing of representation, ornamentation and kitsch? If the decorational aspects of a work are level with the work itself, does it subtract from the notion of a ‘serious’ painting?


“John Kinross Scholarship” 2017, The Royal Scottish Academy
“New Contemporaries” 2013, The Royal Scottish Academy

Selected Exhibitions and Events

The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
“Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014″ Competition event, 2014

The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
“The New Contemporaries”​, 2014

Veneer Gallery, Glasgow
“Culloden Robertson at Veneer Gallery”, 2013

Glasgow School of Art
“GSA Degree Show 2013” Mackintosh Gallery, 2013
“Halfway Part I” Mackintosh Gallery, 2011

White Space Gallery, Edinburgh
“Edinburgh Festival of Erotic Arts Show”, 2012

The Mound, Edinburgh
Lloyds TSB’s “Art of Nurture”, 2011

The Glue Factory, Glasgow
“12x12x12”, 2011


Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy MSc – The Glasgow School of Art, 2016
Fine Arts Painting and Printmaking BA (Hons) – The Glasgow School of Art, 2013